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Color Match Tool

The Color Match Tool allows you to find the closest available match to the selected color. The purpose of the tool is to indicate the differences in Value, Chroma and Hue.

Project Library

The selection of projects in the Project Library provides the colored pencil student with organized approaches to guide the student in putting the theoretical information learned in other sections to practice.


Ours is not your typical art supply store with hundreds of brands and a massive collection of unrelated materials to sort through. There are plenty of art supermarkets where you can fill your shopping cart with goods and still not find what you are actually looking for.
In fact, we at Brush and Pencil are laser focused specifically on the Colored Pencil Painting process. Though, obviously, colored pencil is not paint, you can use it to deliver astonishing, painterly results if you use the right set of materials and appropriate techniques. It is our intent to help you in that regard.
The unique collection of materials that is exclusively available on our website has been researched, formulated and tuned by fellow colored pencil artist, Alyona Nickelsen. These materials vastly improve your colored pencil experience and allow you to work with methods and approaches similar to those that were used by Master Oil Painters like Leonardo da Vinci or Rembrandt - but without the mess, tedium and long drying times that were forced upon them by the materials of the day. Alyona’s own work is a strong testament to the effectiveness of this totally new methodology. The popularity of her techniques has grown immensely since the publication of her first bestselling book, â€ÂÂÂœColored Pencil Painting Bible”, which has been translated into two languages beside English, (Korean and Chinese) and is already in its tenth print. You will find her book as well as her revolutionary products available in this Store.
If you want to learn exactly how to use the products in our store, you will find that our website will lead you through comprehensive and detailed examples showing you exactly how to utilize them to achieve the effects you never thought possible. You need look no further than the Art Logistics section of this site for solutions to your most pressing colored pencil painting predicaments.


The Step-By-Step Library offers detailed illustrational instructions and demonstration of the actual implementation of art projects.

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Colored Pencil Powder Blender


Colored Pencil Organizer Kit


Advanced Colored Pencil Textured Fixative


Colored Pencil Titanium White


Colored Pencil Touch-Up Texture


Advanced Colored Pencil Final Fixative

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