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Reader Testimonials

A few months ago I purchased The Colored Pencil Painting Bible and I am so happy to have it! I've been working with colored pencils for long time and your book has really helped me rethink the medium and expand on my own techniques, especially when it comes to color mixing.

Amber "Vantid" Hill


Having taught oil painting myself, I felt that I had to comment on your book "Colored Pencil Painting Bible". By now there must be thousands of books written on various aspects of picture painting and I have quite a few of them and read many more. But it is my belief that your book is the best I have seen.

Firstly you have obviously done a great deal of research into the best way to present a complex subject in a way that can be readily absorbed and understood by anyone.

Secondly you have developed ways of using a comparatively new medium (in it's current form) to produce the most wonderful images - no camera or computer could produce. It would require a very skilled oil painter to emulate your pictures.

My congratulations Alyona, you have done a fine job.

Your book will be one of my treasured possessions.

Kind regards,

Brian Clarke


I am reading you book right now and just love it.  I am a beginner to colored pencils, but not a beginner to the art world; I have done oils and acrylic painting for the past 28 yrs.  Until I started to read you book--colored pencils were scary to me--I want that oil look with the pencils and didn't know how to get it.  But your book is wonderful.  I am very glad I found you.


Dawn Bremer


Dear Alyona,

I originate from Greece, and decided to pursue art as a career. Coloured pencils continue to be a favourite medium of mine, especially for painting minerals.

Today I bought a copy of your book and just loved it.


Gihan Zohdy


Hi Alyona,

I just wanted to thank you - I ordered your book last week and received it within 2 days!  I knew it would be autographed, but it was also personalized, which I didn't expect - I am so tickled and impressed.  It shows you obviously care about the people who buy your book.  I am just starting to read it, and I am so excited to learn new things - your talent and techniques are amazing.


Rita Warrick


Just received your book, it is phenomenal it will be my primary bible for CP Painting. You have just outdone yourself. I can't be more pleased with it.

Thank you.



Received your Book today. I am so pleased to see the detail you have put into the instructions. So many books gloss over the details you need to get great results. The tips you offer are terrific and not available in other books of this Genre. For beginner or an artist who has found the flexibility offered with colored pencils this is a must have book.

Thank you,



Today I bought your recent book and I really liked it! It is a wonderful creation, beautiful images (pictures and drawings) and I've been really surprised about all the information you wrote in this book. Congratulations, again! A new colored pencil bible that will inspire so many people.



It just arrived and I watched it immediately this afternoon. You are a great teacher. I loved your narration and thought the video was wonderful. Often artists will have a bad angle or not show as much of the hand motion as you have, or poorly focused, or pauses in narration while drawing. You used music to back your drawing and spoke well between the drawing sequences. I would never have thought of doing that but it's a great professional touch.

One thing I noticed about your colored pencil technique is that video is incredibly valuable for showing something you didn't mention -- how you hold the pencils. It varies with the pressure you're using. Sometimes you hold it very far back toward the middle and lay the point almost on its side to dance lightly across the paper. In later layers you hold it closer to the point and more vertical to apply more pressure. That is a neat technique that I'll be trying on future colored pencils projects.



Hi Alyona,  I just received you book when I can home from work I opened up the first page and the next thing it was an hour later and I forgot to start supper,  I can't wait to read it  tonight.



Just purchased your book. I have not been able to put it down! I have learned so much already. I own several books and this one is my number one pick!!! Thanks a big bunch!



I received your book yesterday, and was awe struck by the beauty of your pictures, and the affects you achieve. I am very anxious to go into detail with your book and the methods you provide.

Best wishes and God bless!



I just bought your "Colored Pencil Painting Bible" and love it!!  I can hardly wait for your second book to come out.



I ordered your book the moment I heard about it last year at Amazon. I received it yesterday. I've only read some tips and I already think it's fantastic. Thank you for all the hard work.



Absolutely love your work and bought another book so I can have your autographed copy for admiring and use the one from amazon for hands on (it gets just a tad penciled on). Thank you for offering this.



I just received your book. It looks fantastic!  I've only had a minute to flip thru it. Am I glad my husband is going to be gone tomorrow so I can really get into it.

I can tell this is going to be one of my working companions. So I'll "customize" it. I take it to Office Max; have them remove the cover; cut it front and back and laminate each; cut the binding off the edge of the pages and punch all of it for a spiral binding. You can turn back the pages and everything lays nice and flat.  Works great for books you want to keep next to you when you are working.




I just got your book and let me say it is FANTASTIC! I have been using colored pencils for years and your book is what I have been looking for.

I do fantasy artwork with a lot of people in it and the book has helped me do an extremely realistic person and scenery.

Thank you so much for writing the book and you are AWESOME!

Melissa Ruther


Hi Alyona,

I recently bought "The Colored Pencil Painting Bible" from Amazon and am finding it extremely helpful. The illustrations are beautiful and the text nice and clear and you don't skimp at all, on sharing your original and innovative techniques. Thanks for sharing your knowledge!

All the best

Peter Fox


I recently purchased your book, "Colored Pencil Painting Bible". It is awesome! The artwork you created on those pages is truly awe inspiring. Wonderfully delightful! I love your black backgrounds and vivid foregrounds... I just love it.  Your artwork has inspired me to learn more about colored pencil techniques. So yes, I would love to receive your newsletter.

Yours truly,

Gigi Kratzke